11 May, 2009

Day 25

I took yesterday off.. it was Mothers Day afterall!

I am finding level 3 tough and dreaming of going back to level 1! The upper body work is the hardest for me. I do not have a strong upper body and I really struggle with those. I DO NOT do the jumping jacks with my hand weights, I just cannot manage it by that stage lol. The other problem I am having is that during some of the moves (jumping lunges etc) I can feel my shin twinging, I may have to switch to the modified version.

Weight wise I am holding steady.. Diet wise.. needs more work, the weekends undo me!


Melanie Wilson 11 May, 2009 10:22  

Happy Mother's Day!! I definitely did the beginner's moves on some of Level 3. Don't feel bad! And I've been lifting weights for 18 years. I couldn't do all the ab exercises and that is probably my strength. I'm SO thrilled that your back pain is better. That's fantastic! And I totally agree about protecting your legs. This workout is very high impact. I wouldn't hesitate to cut back if I noticed a problem with my ankle--my weakest point. As it is, I'm very careful. The weight will come off. Are you drinking enough water? That helps a ton. I'm taking today off too. :-) Off to make myself a FAB dessert!!


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